Webeddy has a team for developing
your e-commerce store.

We can build you a beautiful shop from one of these combinations:

  • Joomla/Magento
  • WordPress/Magento
  • WordPress/WooCommerce
  • Magento - standalone store.

These are the world's most popular open source platforms for e-commerce. We focus on just a few solutions so we have thorough knowledge of creating and modifying them for your needs. 

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Why Open Source?

webeddy open source ecommerce package joomla wordpress magento woocommerceOpen source gives you a base of free software that is open to everyone. You get a huge jump start on any project thanks to the cooperative development of hundreds of thousands of developers. But free doesn't mean easy. There's a learning curve, and webeddy has been through it. Webeddy adds the value of experience and expertise to get your online project going.

We know how frustrating it can be to build a website. We've been doing it since 1995, and have learned many lessons to make your life easier.


Web development Services

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Setup and Installation:
This service is for anyone who wants a professional installation and configuration of WordPress or Joomla with a theme from one of the many professional theme providers. 

The service includes: 

  • Install the latest version of WordPress or Joomla to use as a Blog or CMS
  • Creation of a database for use by WordPress or Joomla
  • Installation of a theme of your choice
  • Install advanced Ping list
  • Install a robots.txt file to guide search engine spiders indexing your site
  • Configure a sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz to promote search engine rankings
  • Set up your permalinks to improve SEO of your site
  • Install our selected standard & advanced plugins to work with your theme
  • Configure spam protection to prevent comment spam
  • Create a customized RSS feed to promote your site and allow users to subscribe to updates
  • Install your company logo and graphics
  • Training on how to manage your site and how to publish content
  • Integrate your content into the site
  • Help configuring plugins, modules and widgets

In short, install and get your WordPress or Joomla site operational and looking good with your content. Get it ready for you to make your impact on the web.






Business WordPress Themes




- Reservation with Benihana Seattle, A Sushi Bar and Restaurant.



-We work for your digital marketing needs.


- An easy Leads Tracking system for all size businesses.



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